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    Wellion MICRO-PUMP insulin pump

    Die schlauchlose, kleine und sehr leichte Insulinpumpe mit integriertem Blutzuckermessgerät (am PDA)


    Technology should simplify life, not complicate it. You go your own way and can maintain a flexible lifestyle with the Wellion MICRO-PUMP insulin pump. To that end, the Wellion MICRO-PUMP has been designed to be easy to learn and use. For lower insulin needs or higher needs, you can fine-tune the pump's delivery in the situation. Building on the recommendations of your healthcare team, you can perfectly adapt the insulin to your daily routine and activities. There is no longer a need to tailor your life to a rigid insulin and eating regimen.



    • the pump is very small, light and discreet

    • eat and sleep - when and how much is good for you

    • decide spontaneously on your activities and the pump adapts to them

    • choose your clothing according to your mood - with the flat, tubeless Wellion MICRO-PUMP this is possible

    • as the pump, the infusion set and the reservoir form one unit and do not need a tube, you have full freedom of movement at all times

    • the blood glucose meter is integrated directly into the PDA, so you always have it with you


    Quality of life

    • the Wellion MICRO-PUMP is small, discreet and unobtrusive in use

    • the pump can deliver insulin continuously for up to 3 days - so the pump adapts to your daily routine (not vice versa)

    • the PDA allows you to deliver a bolus silently, measure blood glucose, control the pump and view all parameters at any time

    • the Wellion MICRO-PUMP is splash-proof




    • the battery of the Wellion MICRO-PUMP and the PDA are rechargeable (a second battery for your pump is included in the starter kit)

    • to save resources, only the infusion set and reservoir need to be changed about every 3 days

    • the pump itself is durable and will be used again and again, replace the reservoir only when it is empty (no insulin loss)

    • remove the pump from the base for water sports with a simple click (no need to throw away the pump with the residual insulin inside)



    High wearing comfort

    Data Management

    User friendly PDA

    72-hour insulin delivery

    Flexible lifestyle

    Sound, light and vibration alarms


    Safe and reliable

    Fewer injections needed

    7 basal profiles possible

    Each basal profile offers 48 time periods each

    Maximum basal rate per hour: 35U

    Reservoir capacity 2ml

    Bolus calculator on the PDA

    Extended bolus possible (one part immediately, rest distributed)

    Maximum bolus amount: 25U

    Smallest bolus amount: 0,025U

    Blood glucose measurement on PDA with only 0.5μl blood

    Blood glucose measurement on the PDA in just 5 seconds



    The Wellion MICRO-PUMP tubeless insulin pump is small, very light and can deliver insulin continuously for up to 3 days (only then do you need to change the reservoir and infusion set).

    Use a tubeless insulin pump if you want to live life to the fullest and have more freedom to move, sleep, play or exercise. The minimum basal rate allows individual "fine tuning" of insulin delivery.

    Tubeless for total freedom

    Enjoy full freedom of movement, without restrictions in your choice of clothes or during sports, as the Wellion MICRO-PUMP does not require a tube for the infusion set. You can conveniently set the bolus, basal rate and other functions via the PDA (Portable Diabetes Assistant) without having to take the pump to hand. The Wellion MICRO-PUMP can be worn on different parts of the body (e.g. abdomen, upper arm, thigh, lower back).




    Blood glucose measurement directly on the PDA

    Measure your blood glucose directly on the PDA with the Wellion MICRO blood glucose test strips, which can optionally be stored with a marker (before/after physical activity, before/after eating). Whether measured in an integrated way or entered manually, your stored blood glucose values can be further used with the bolus calculator. And with the eject button on the back of the PDA, used test strips can be conveniently disposed of.




    Bolus calculator

    The Pump PDA includes a powerful bolus calculator that can suggest a bolus amount based on your input. Once the settings are configured, the bolus calculator can suggest a bolus amount after you test your blood glucose level and enter the amount of carbohydrates you will eat. The bolus calculator can also take into account the amount of insulin that is currently active in your body and will correct the suggested bolus amount.



    (The bolus calculator takes into account the following information: current blood glucose level, target blood glucose level, carbohydrate ratio, carbohydrate intake, insulin sensitivity factor, negative correction, active insulin time. Discuss these factors with your healthcare team).

    Change basal rate temporarily

    Short-term temporary reduction or increase of the basal rate, e.g. during strenuous physical activity.



    Extended Bolus

    An extended bolus with an immediately available portion is a bolus that is administered in two stages - an amount immediately and the rest over a longer period of time. Optimal e.g. for meals with quickly and slowly absorbed carbohydrates such as fast food.



    7 individual Basal programs

    The pump offers an option to quickly set up 7 individual basal profiles. By entering the total daily basal insulin and selecting a period of 6 or 24 hours, the PDA can automatically create a basal profile. This way the pump adapts to your life. Set up different profiles in advance, e.g. for illness, seated activities such as a day at the computer, a day with a lot of exercise such as walking/cycling, or other typical situations in your everyday life.



    Quick bolus
    If you forget your PDA or don't want to take it out of your pocket, you can conveniently deliver a rapid bolus - directly by pressing a button on the pump with audible feedback for safe insulin delivery. Alternatively, the rapid bolus can be delivered silently via the PDA.

    Accurate dosing
    You can set the bolus and basal rate in small increments (starting at 0.025 U).

    Always informed
    The system uses sound, light and vibration alarms to inform you of important events affecting the pump. In addition, you can read all the information on the PDA display.




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