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Three good reasons that make us your strong partner: idea, advice, and service.


MED TRUST was founded in 1997 by Silvia and Werner Trenker and has grown strongly in over 70 markets worldwide over the past decades. We are an Austrian family-owned company, headquartered in Marz in Burgenland, Austria. With the Wellion brand, we have developed into a global manufacturer and specialist. In the field of diabetes, health and well-being. The driving force is our high quality standards, as summarized in our mission statement.


Our aim is to make life easier for patients and partners.
Through innovative ideas, advice and service.


We are ideally positioned in our core competencies. We are manufacturer of diabetes and healthcare products for people under our brand Wellion, and for animals unter our brand WellionVet. For our partner companies, we develop marketing and sales concepts and manufacture their products (OEM production). In addition, we offer logistics and administrative services as required.


MED TRUST Sweden AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Austrian family company MED TRUST. MED TRUST has been manufacturing and distributing diabetes aids under its Wellion® brand for over 25 years.

MED TRUST has been in Sweden since 2008 and our service and products are found in all regions and county councils. What characterizes MED TRUST is high quality products and a special commitment by all employees. We are a small company with a high level of service and expertise.


Program for home health care and the elderly

We want to make you especially aware of our safety concept for diabetics in home care and the elderly. There we offer our safety products (safety lancets and safety pen needles), Wellion GALILEO plus blood sugar meters with an eject button, measuring station and annual monitoring of the meters.


MED TRUST is your competent and reliable supplier for qualitative needs of diabetics in Sweden.

With us, people are at the center of all our efforts. In close cooperation with the responsible physicians, we offer users of our products individual solutions for every situation.

At the same time, our team supports people working in the healthcare sector in the hospital and nursing sectors with extensive services in order to quickly and safely introduce useful innovations into everyday medical life.

We are happy to be your trusted link in healthcare.


A special focus is on our Wellion brand. With it, we have meanwhile established ourselves worldwide as an Austrian manufacturer of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics for a wide range of health areas - especially for diabetes. We are very pleased that we are considered a competent and reliable partner who is constantly developing through innovative ideas. Our demand for continuity, seriousness, fairness and sustainability is reflected in our first-class advice and services as well as in our products.

Perhaps this is why we have already received a number of awards such as the 2016 Innovation Prize from the Federal State of Burgenland (category “SME” for “Wellion Mobil”); second place in the 2010 Austria’s Leading Companies (in the Burgenland ranking in the category Goldener Mittelbau); and a top 20 placing for the 2011 STEP Award, to name just a few examples.



Reliable quality for your health
Recognised throughout the world in the field of human healthcare.

With our Wellion brand, our customers have access to numerous quality products that have been specially developed for people with diabetes.

Personal contact with people is very important to us; in this way we learn directly their wishes and needs in order to be able to optimally support personal health in everyday life. Many health-conscious people, and people with diabetes, are actively involved in maintaining or improving their health on their own responsibility. At the same time, we support the people working in the health system as a reliable link in health care.

A further basis for Wellion products is a comprehensive quality management system in accordance with the strictest national and international standards (ISO 13485).

The Wellion product range includes the following premium products:

  • Wellion Blood Glucose Meters & Test Strips

  • Wellion meters for blood glucose and an additional parameter & test strips
    e.g. for cholesterol, ketones or uric acid

  • Wellion Insulin Pump & Consumables

  • Wellion lancets & safety lancets

  • Wellion lancing device

  • Wellion Needles & Safety Needles

  • Wellion HbA1c Analyzer

  • Wellion SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Tests & Antibody Analyzer & FFP2 Mask

  • Wellion Mesh Nebulizer

  • Wellion Blood Pressure Monitors

  • Wellion Invert Sugar Syrup

  • Wellion Food Supplements

  • Wellion skin care products

  • Wellion cooling bags for insulin

  • Wellion infrared thermometers

  • and many more

Our high level of innovation, which we have repeatedly demonstrated over the last 20 years, ensures that we will continue to expand our product range in the future - to make life easier for people with diabetes and our partners.