Wellion PROTECT Pro - Sichere Insulininjektion, keine Gefahr von Nadelstichverletzungen, kompatibel mit allen Insulinpens, 5mm und 8mm Box

Wellion PROTECT PRO Safety Pen Needles
Locking mechanism prevents contact with the used needle

    Wellion PROTECT PRO safety pen needles

    extra fine and in different lengths

    can prevent needlestick injuries


    For safe and gentle injection

    • Safe insulin injection - no danger for needle stick injuries
    • Patented locking mechanism prevents reuse of the needle
    • Corresponds to EU Directive 2010/32 §4, Art. 7 and TRBA250
    • Extra thin needle with silicone coating for maximum comfort
    • Colour coding for easy and safe recognition of the needle legths
    • Compatible with all insulim pens - ISO 13485:2016

    Needle length: 5mm or 8mm
    Content: 100 pieces


    Handling the Wellion PROTECT PRO safety needle

    1. Remove safety seal
    After removing the safety seal, the safety pen can be screwed onto the insulin pen (note: turn until the pen needle is firmly seated!)


    2. BEFORE the insulin injection

    • An unused Wellion PROTECT PRO safety pen needle with the coloured cap still visible
    • The injection must be made at an angle of 90° into the skin (possibly stretch the skin)
      Note: The needle must be fully inserted into the skin for the locking mechanism to lock up after use!
    • Only THEN start the insulin delivery!


    3. AFTER the insulin injection
    After using the Wellion PROTECT PRO safety pen needle, the coloured cap is NOT visible anymore! The locking mechanism is active and prevents needlestick injuries.


    Use different injection sites at different times of the day to avoid unnecessary pain and lipohypertrophies.




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