The correct handling of pen needles

Changing pen needles very easy


After removing a fresh pen needle, first remove the hygiene seal.

Then screw the pen needle onto your insulin pen and remove the outer needle protection cover.

When using NPH or mixed insulins, the insulin pen must be swivelled carefully to ensure that the insulin is mixed evenly. This step is not necessary for clear, translucent insulins.




After removing the inner needle protection cover, the permeability test is carried out. To do this, set 2 units of insulin at the pen and inject them into the air. Repeat this procedure until insulin emerges at the tip of the needle.

Now the required insulin dose can be set on the pen. Stick the needle into the skin and press the release button of the pen.

Count to 10 and only then pull the needle out of the skin. When injecting into a fold of skin, hold it in place while counting to 10.

Now unscrew the used needle from the pen - you can use the outer protective cap for this. Dispose of the needle in the safe Wellion disposal container.


If the lid of the disposal container is closed, it cannot be opened again. This protects unknowing persons from contact with used pen needles during the disposal process.