What is lipohyperthrophy?

Thickening and hardening of the subcutaneous fatty tissue


Insulin is a growth hormone. If insulin is preferably always injected into the same places, an increased formation and hardening of the subcutaneous fatty tissue can occur there. These unattractive bumps also occur when pen needles are reused. If insulin continues to be injected into these "lipos", the absorption of the insulin into the body can no longer be well controlled, which can lead to massive blood sugar fluctuations.


Remedy: Avoid "favourite spots": regular rotation of the injection sites prevents the development of lipohypertrophies. To practice rotating between the injection sites, so-called injection templates can be used (rotation injection template in the download area).

Lipohypertrophies regress if the affected skin area is not injected for a longer period of time.

Tip: If you use a shorter pen needle, it is easier to switch between the injection sites and the probability of an injection into the muscle is much lower. Choose a pen needle length that suits you as part of your diabetes training.