Wellion FRIGO Med Cooler Bag
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Wellion FRIGO Med Cooler Bag

Keep your insulin cool!

Wellion FRIGO is the easy, quick and comfortable way to cool your insulin, insulin pump and other medicine.
For this neither electricity nor freezing or refrigeration are  necessary. Wellion FRIGO  can be used very simply with the aid of water -  over and over again.

Special antibacterial impregnation of the inside pocket
Activated with cold water, no electric power supply necessary
No need for a freezer or cooling elements
To ensure constant quality and hygiene at frequent use, the inner  pocket is featured with an antibacterial impregnation - an additional  feature which is very important in the handling of insulin and  medicines.


Insulin should not exceed a temperature of 30°C. In summer, in a   congestion or during trips in countries with warmer climate, it was   often hard to cool insulin sufficiently until now.
The Wellion FRIGO cooler bag is the solution. Even at higher outdoor   temperatures insulin keeps cool over several hours up to days, enabled    through the principle of evaporation. 
Available in 2 sizes!

Wellion FRIGO L filled: Wellion FRIGO L filled (© Wellion)

Availaible in 2 differenz sizes:
Wellion FRIGO L
Size: 21 x 11 cm
for 2 insulin pens or 1 insulin pump
The Wellion FRIGO cooler bag size L has a convenient belt loop, so that you have your pen always at hand.

Wellion FRIGO XXL filled: Wellion FRIGO XXL filled (© Wellion)


Size: 22 x 19 cm
more space for your diabetes supplies

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